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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors 24 Hour Systems ABP

chart of ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABP)

Bravo™ ABP Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Systems Brochures

24 Hour-Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors ABP

ESPANOL-Monitor Ambulatorio de Presion Sanquinea 24 horas

OSCAR 2™ – 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors ABP

ABP Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors and Systems can assist with:

blood pressure monitor for walking ambulatory blood pressure monitor
  • Evaluating episodic hypertension
  • Blood Monitors for patients with transplants
  • Assessing blood pressure patient response to drug therapy
  • Distinguishing between borderline and true hypertension
  • Correlating between BP blood pressure and end-organ changes

GH Medical ABP Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Systems provides:

  • Ambulatory Blood pressure monitor ease of operation
  • Low cost of monitoring with ABP
  • Informative reports with your blood pressure monitor
  • Up to 120 hours of (ABP) Ambulatory blood pressure monitors
  • Accurate and reliable monitoring

BPM Blood Pressure Monitors Features and Capabilities:

  • Noninvasive and oscillometric, the most widely accepted form of ABP Measurement
  • Fast, light-weight, and ultra-quiet operation increases patient compliance
  • Three cuff sizes available for increased patient comfort included w ABP
  • Shock resistance Liquid Crystal Display of Systolic, Diastolic and Heart Rate
  • Computer interface ready with ABP
  • Microprocessor controlled, for reliability and accuracy
  • Manual test activation
  • Programmable test frequency
  • Programmable audible test indication
  • Automatic inflation and deflation
  • Low operating cost, electrodes and microphones not required
  • Pressure sensor automatically zeros prior to each test
  • Safety features: open pneumatic system, detachable hose, over pressure relief valve and manual test abort
  • CE certified ambulatory blood pressure monitors

ABP Blood Pressure Monitor Software Features:

  • Windows compatible with ABP (ambulatory blood pressure monitors)
  • Easy installation, no I/O board
  • Software security key included with ABPM
  • Seven different blood interval settings
  • Automatic database creation
  • Ability to convert patient files to spreadsheets and other formats for further analysis and editing
  • Communicates with monitor via direct connect RS232 cable
  • Universal software, ready for additional medical device modules

walking with blood pressure monitor
relaxing with blood pressure monitoring system

ABPAmbulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

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