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Holter Monitor Software &
Holter Monitoring Satellite Systems

DMS Holter Monitor Software offers the best medical equipment in ECG monitoring accuracy and flexibility in Holter Monitor System deployment (Ambulatory 24 hour ECG holter monitor)

cardio scan holter monitor system

CardioScan Satellite holter systems & holter monitor software DMS Holter Monitor Software-Premier CardioScan Holter System Software, Holter Satellite System Features

Introduction to Holter Software for Monitoring Your Heart

The DMS Satellite Monitoring Software was designed to speed up the process of analyzing patient ECG data from remote locations by transferring the data directly over the internet instead of mailing the recorder or flash care.

  • Genuine Windows Monitoring Software Programmed in C++
  • Holter Analysis for Arrhythmia's, ST, and Pauses
    holter monitor software and holter monitors
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Event ECG Holter Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Variability with Spectral & Time Domain
  • SAECG Late Potentials
  • 12-Lead ECG Strips
  • Pacemaker Monitor
  • Vector cardiography
  • A trial Fibrillation/Flutter Analysis
  • QT Validation Program

Holter Software Providing Same Day Results

  • Holter ECG reports provided each day to physicians from on going 1-30 day Holter recordings.
  • Each day the physician sees the Holter ECG results from the ambulatory outpatient monitoring
  • For the first time, the physician now knows the exact number of days to continue the holter test.

How Holter Software Works

  • The satellite server serves as a base station for all computers to connect to.
  • The Satellite explorer is used by technicians in a service center or hospital to analyze patient data.
  • The Satellite client is used by a remote doctor's office or hospital to send and receive patient data to the server
  • The most significant advancement in Holter ECG technology in the last ten years.

Same Day Results with Holter Monitor Software

  • Holter ECG reports provided each day to physicians from on-going 1-30 day Holter monitoring recordings.
  • Each day the physician sees the Holter ECG recorder results from the ambulatory outpatient monitoring.
  • for the first time, the physician now knows the exact number of days continued the Holter test.

We can supply you with any type of holter ECG 24 hour holter monitor software and all holter monitoring software and medical equipment including holter monitor software, holter monitor systems & equipment for all your cardiac monitor needs. Located in California (between LA and San Diego serving you worldwide)