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3 Types of Holter Recorders for Your Heart

We carry the best 3 types of Holter Recorders for 24 Hour Heart Monitoring: DMS 300-3A, DMS 330-4A, and the DMS 300 Holter Recorders.

DMS 300-3A Holter Recorder

DMS 300-3A Digital Holter Recorder Brochure Specifications

Imbedded 512 MB memory, USB downloads, 5-lead or 7-lead patient cable for 3-channel analysis. Multi-Day, up to 4 days on a single AAA battery. This holter recorder will provide you with a cleanest ever ECG in holter recordings.

DMS 300-3A Holter Recorder Specifications:

• Sample rate is 4,096 samples per second for each channel.
• 3-Channel ECG.
• 512 MB ECG Memory.
• One (1) to four (4) days of continuous Holter ECG recording.
• USB 2.0 downloads ECG file about 15 times faster than prior recorders.
• Powered by one (1) AAA battery for 1 to 4 days of recording.
• Independent output for viewing real-time ECG on Desktop or Laptop.
• 5 and 7 Lead Wire ECG Cables.
• Cleanest ECG ever in Holter recordings.
• Compatible with CardioScan 10, 11, and 12.
• Compatible with Satellite Software.
• Miniature size and weight.
• Width = 50mm; Depth = 14mm; Length = 83mm.
• Weight = 2oz (57g).
• Disposable Necklaces.
Universal Holter Recorder DMS 300- 4A

DMS 300-4A Digital Holter Recorder ECG Recorders

300 4A Holter Recorder Specifications:

Multi-Function Holter ECG Recorder. Imbedded 512 MB memory, USB downloads, 4-lead for 3-channel analysis or 10-lead for full 12 channel simultaneous analysis. Multi-Day, up to 4 days on a single AAA battery. Mini-Holter size and weight.

• Multi-Function Holter Recorder ECG

o 3-Lead Holter Recorder ECG (with 4-electrode cable)
o 12-Lead Holter Recorder ECG (with 10-electrode cable)
o Includes SAECG Late Potential File
o Transmits Phone ECG (when 54a is released)
• Performs Resting 12-Lead ECG into:
o Holter PC computer, or any other PC
o Windows Smart Phone
• Mini-Holter size and weight
• 4,096 Sample Rate
• Multi-Day: 2 to 4 days
• Single AAA battery
• View ECG quality with PC, PDA, or Windows Smart Phone
• No LCD to avoid massive service problems
• Compatible with CardioScan 12
• Width = 50mm; Depth = 14mm; Length = 83mm.
• Weight = 2oz (57g).
• 2-year Warranty


Digital holter recorder for monitoring your heart DMS-300

The DMS 300 Digital Holter Recorders

use SANDISK Compact Flash Cards as a recording medium. This technology allows the ECG Holter Recording to be substantially better than cassette recordings. The use of flash cards allows for exact sample location throughout the Holter Monitor Recording. The DMS digital Holter Monitoring Recorders are also 50% the size and weight of cassette Holter Monitoring Recorders. The DMS300 line of Digital Holter Recorders monitors your patient from 24 hours and up to 7 days. Compact flash card technology allows for maximum ECG data storage. The DMS300-4 Digital Holter Recorder is a "true" 12-lead Holter Recorder.

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